The future of intralogistics technology

24 & 25 noviembre 2021 | Pabellón 9, IFEMA, Madrid

AndSoft implements the use of Blockchain technology with a new portal for its customers AndSoft implements the use of Blockchain technology with a new portal for its customers


AndSoft belongs to BITA, Blockchain in Transport Alliance, which was founded in 2017 and has quickly become the world’s largest Blockchain business alliance, with nearly 500 members in more than 25 countries that collectively generate more than $ 1 billion in annual income. The members are mainly from the transportation, transportation, logistics and affiliated industries. The members of the alliance share the common mission of promoting the adoption of emerging technology. This is achieved by developing industry standards; educate members and others about Blockchain applications / solutions and distributed accounting technology (DLT); and encouraging the use and adoption of new solutions. Thousands of companies have applied for membership. In recent months, AndSoft has developed Blockchain technology with these characteristics:

We remember the main benefits of Blockchain since 2009

Blockchain technology is an information storage system that allows the production, certification and archiving of information on computer devices.
The danger of the attack on blockchain data disappears thanks to the concept of its own structure: Block Chains with different types of information.
Each Blockchain Block contains: Information, the identification number of the block or Hash (unique and unrepeatable). And thirdly, it has the hash of the previous vessel, so each block is connected to the previous one and its successor.
The Hash changes every time there is a modification in the block. And this is seen by all users who really control the entire system, not a large public or private institution. This makes it difficult for information to be falsified by gaining transparency and truthfulness.





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