SCATI PLATE. License plate recognition by video surveillance systems


Automate and control the entry and exit of vehicles to and from your facilities through License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems.

The system allows you to create white and black lists and associate license plates to these lists to allow or deny access of vehicles to the facilities, to notify about vehicles of special interest (stolen, without valid MOT, etc.).
Receive alarms every time a license plate is recognized with the image of the vehicle and the list to which the license plate is associated.

Locate the passage of any vehicle by its license plate, date or list to which it belongs. Obtain reports of vehicles accessing your facilities or passing through a specific checkpoint for any time interval.

The system allows integration with card readers, intercom systems, etc. and can perform automatic actions such as opening the barrier.

Add devices as your needs grow and centrally and remotely manage all the information generated by the LPR tools and the information associated with the vehicles, as well as the images and video files of the surveys.

Your system will collect the information associated with each vehicle, license plates, time of passage or access so that you can generate reports and statistics that allow you to improve decision making.





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