The Geek+ Sorting systems distributed by LYL INGENIERÍA consist of robots, trays and conveyor belts, code readers and a reloading station. Robots are responsible for transporting parcels to the different locations. This improves productivity and reduces the labour costs of operations.

Why a sorting system with robots?

E-commerce drives a faster and more efficient operating mode in sorting systems. The traditional manual method of sorting makes it difficult to fulfil these requirements and achieve accurate sorting. Sustaining this model involves high administrative costs, the possibility of damage to parcels, little flexibility and a long-term return on investment.

Sorting robots provide fast automatic sorting through cooperation with code readers and transporting parcels to the appropriate location. The parcel sorting system can program a number of robots to operate accurately at the same time.

The Geek+ robotic solutions distributed by LYL INGENIERÍA offer a flexible option that adapts to the situation and needs of the moment to put an end to the inefficiencies resulting from manual systems in the sorting process.

Scope of application:

The Geek+ Sorting system can be used in the sorting processes of postal services, parcel services and e-commerce to sort small and medium sized parcels.


Fast, accurate parcel delivery
Flexible smart programming
Fast, stable positioning and movement
Advanced automatic loading
Increased sorting efficiency: 10000-20000 parcels/hour
80% savings in labour costs
Flexible layout of robots depending on the workload
Short-term return on investment within 12 months of implementation
High productivity
Great flexibility: less investment risk
Permanent technical support

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