Recruit on campus


Companies are welcome to organize recruiting activities and company presentations to interact with our students at the ZLC campus. The majority of corporate presentations and interviews take place between February and April – however, we host companies throughout the academic year. Companies also have the option of doing online events to connect with the current class.

The following companies had the opportunity of conducting a master class and presenting their company to our students: ABInbev, Apple, Amazon, HP, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey, Pepsi, Pfizer or Samsung among others.

ZLC programs are built on a strong network of people dedicated to generating top logistics and supply chain professionals.

Our select group of students converge at ZLC from across the globe, creating a rich learning experience by sharing put this at the end of the sentence their diverse cultural and professional backgrounds.





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Open registration

Register online at Logistics & Automation Madrid before 22 October and we will send you your Digital Accreditation (Contacless) by post.