The Geek+ “Goods-to-Person” Picking systems distributed by LYL INGENIERÍA consist of robots, a management system, a workstation for preparing orders (picking) and for restocking and inventory purposes, and a reloading station.

The robots are responsible for transporting shelves to the picking station. This improves productivity and reduces the labour costs of operations.

Why a picking system with robots?

Market pressure due to increased consumption, inventory management with extensive warehouse references (SKUs) and labour costs have become the major challenges facing e-commerce, manufacturers and distribution, logistics and transport companies in particular. The Geek+ robotic solutions distributed by LYL INGENIERÍA offer a flexible option that adapts to the situation and needs of the moment to remove bottlenecks in the supply chain.

Scope of application:

Geek+ picking systems are suitable for picking operations with multi-SKUs, normal-sized goods and in warehouses with hundreds or thousands of square metres of floor space. The systems can be applied in the e-commerce, retail and 3PL sectors and in almost all industrial sectors, such as the health, food, automotive and fashion industries. Take this success story as an example.

High productivity
Lower labour costs: 50-70% reduction
Rapid return on investment: 2-3 year payback period
Quick installation: completed in 3 months
Great flexibility: less investment risk
Permanent technical support

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