If you want to weigh letters, envelopes and small parcels up to 15 kg, the EC-Smalls series scales are ideal. WIPOTEC-OCS has developed these scales especially for use in postal and courier services, and for e-commerce.

EMFR weigh cells, together with a particularly high quality conveyor unit, make it possible to achieve high accuracy in measurement.

Accurate weighing results are available in a very short time, allowing for very short distances between products. This means that the effective performance is more efficient.

The EC-Smalls models impress due to their extraordinary performance range and their small dimensions. And they can be easily integrated. Four different weighing conveyor lengths and three width variations make it possible to accurately optimise for different parcel distribution systems.


EMFR weigh cell for optimal weighing results
Good value for money and low operating costs
Perfectly suited for the CEP sector

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