EC-SL and HC-SL series scales are designed for products up to 60 kg High weighing accuracy (up to 2 g) makes it possible to achieve speeds of up to 2.9 m/s in calibration mode. These extraordinary values are achieved thanks to the sandwich construction, which makes the structure much more rigid. This also means that the noise level can be reduced to below 65 dB.

SL series scales are particularly easy to integrate. Their EMFR weigh cells are completely maintenance- and wear-free. These scales can also measure weights during acceleration and deceleration phases, on upslopes or downslopes. Due to the symmetrical structure of the conveyor, the scales can be used on both sides. Protection for fingers on the outfeed side is part of the standard equipment.

There is an option for mounting the drive motor in the direction of travel to the left or to the right. For a particularly narrow construction, an internal belt drive is available (optional).


EMFR weigh cell for optimal weighing results
Twice the speed compared to standard machines

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