The future of intralogistics technology

24 & 25 noviembre 2021 | Pabellón 9, IFEMA, Madrid

Data Center – Systems, Communications and Hardware


A Data Center is a Data Processing Center (CPD) and offers a computer infrastructure service created to preserve and / or manage your information safely using state-of-the-art technology.
These data processing centers allow you to reduce your operating costs and place your computer equipment and / or information physically in a place designed and built under international safety and infrastructure standards, both physical and logistical.
A CPD is a large building or room used to maintain a large amount of electronic equipment. They are usually created and maintained by large organizations in order to have access to the information necessary for their operations.
For example, a bank may have a data center for the purpose of storing all of its customers’ data and the operations they perform on their accounts. Virtually all companies that are medium or large have some type of CPD, while the largest companies have several.
Among the most important factors that motivate the creation of a CPD can be highlighted to ensure the continuity of service to customers, employees, citizens, suppliers and collaborating companies, because in these areas is very important the physical protection of computer equipment or communications involved, as well as database servers that may contain critical information. The advantages offered by a Data Center are many and include, above all, the availability of cutting-edge technology in terms of storage equipment and the availability of a continuous information backup service.
Information is very important and therefore the Data Center have a great security to alleviate high / low temperatures that affect the hardware, possible power cuts, fire or theft and thus, customers do not have to worry about the good state of your data.
Systems and Communications:
Maintenance Databases, Services, Hour Bags, Device monitoring, Systems maintenance, Housing / housting, hosting Web pages, corporate mail, backup copies, maintenance, computer package.