AndSoft and Transfollow will cover the latest legal and functional aspects of the e-CMR


AndSoft, a company that manufactures a software for the management of transport and logistics companies and TransFollow, technological expert and European standard in e-CMR technology / e-CDP, will participate collaboratively at the SIL in Barcelona from the 26th to the 28th of June.

AndSoft and TransFollow will respond to any questions, be they functional or legal, currently occurring in the transport sector. In order to accomplish this, both partners have selected the most pragmatic aspects in the issuing and management of the e-CMR:

We will demonstrate how the electronic CMR (e-CMR) and e-Carte de Porte (e-CDP) are time and cost savers, and add security and traceability, for the transporter, the carrier, and the recipient.
We will also cover the latest functionalities, the current status of international deployment, the most recent legal modifications and the new inspection processes for digital documents.
We will demonstrate how the electronic CMR is completely integrated into the technological platform e-TMS, by automated issuing of an e-CMR by such systems, a first in Europe.The transfer to its mobility tool TrackAPP and the digital reading (QR codes) of the signatures of the transporter and recipient of the load.
We will cover practical cases of real implementations of the e-CMR, such as the use of digital consignment note, which is already in practice, and is immediately incorporated into the logistics processes of the senders, transporters and recipients with barely any investment in time, infrastructure or training.





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