About us

Is a specialized provider of industrial software solutions for logistics, a management in the industry through the design, development and implementation of solutions for mission-critical systems.

• High quality standards and traceability
• High speed
• High availability
• High scalability

Created in 1989, during these 25 years, our solutions have evolved becoming a specialized company in the implementation of solutions for warehouse and materials management, manufacturing and laboratory.

Labware provides a powerful warehouse management system that supports many types of industries. Ip6-WMS solutions are rich in features and can be adapted to supply almost any common functional behavior in a production or distribution environment.

Ip6-WMS integrates warehouse management, material flows, order preparation and deliveries, with full traceability of operations, resources and products.

The great flexibility of Ip6 WMS allows the progressive installation of features according to the needs of each client by integrating all existing technologies in the market (Radio Frequency, pick-to-light, pick-to-voice, stacker cranes, miniload material handling, automation, RFID, etc. ).

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