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About us

Elettric80 and BEMA provide customized logistic solutions to maximize efficiency along supply chains, increase safety and sustainability in factories and distribution centers, and ensure full product traceability.
Thanks to innovative technologies, 28 years ago we were already working on the concept of Industry 4.0: smart and interconnected.
We produce palletizing robots, AGVs, robotic stretch wrappers and labellers, pallet control systems, layer picking & repacking solutions and automated high-density warehouses.
The SM.I.LE80 software platform (Smart Integrated Logistics) manages the logistics flow, optimizing operations from raw material arrival to shipping.
We have completed 300 integrated factories and installed over 2000 robotic systems, 5000 AGVs, 30 automated high-density warehouses and we have been working with Tetra Pak since 2007.
With 13 international branches to be closer to our customers, we offer 24/7 remote and on-site assistance to guarantee maximum efficiency over time.

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Open registration

Register online at Logistics & Automation Madrid before 22 October and we will send you your Digital Accreditation (Contacless) by post.