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About us

IDIS IBERIA is specialist distributor in video systems for a wide range of commercial and security applications.

We provide smart video solutions for Logistics, Industry, Traffic, Retail, Health, Education, Hospitality, Home, Buildings and Smart Cities.

Developing cutting-edge technology, we are driven by the aim of improving the competitiveness of companies and organizations using the power of video for digital transformation.

Featured benefits of IDIS IBERIA’s video solutions for Logistics and Warehouses:

– Integration of video with RFID, barcode, scanner, etc. systems
– Product tracking with relevant video Images
– Indoor Monitoring
– Early fire detection in warehouse areas
– Change of temperature detection with thermal cameras
– Preventive maintenance with thermal cameras
– Visual Verification of Health and Safety Regulations
– Access Control Systems for people and vehicles
– Automatic Number Plate Recognition
– Automatic Systems for Gates and Barriers
– Perimeter Protection
– Video Surveillance Security

Other applications:
Intelligent Video Analytics | Product Tracking and Traceability Solutions | Visible & Thermal Imaging Cameras | Traffic Control Systems | Automatic Number Plate Recognition | People & Object Counting | Occupancy | Heat Maps | Face Recognition Systems | Access Control Systems | Video Surveillance Systems | Perimeter Protection

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