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Specialist in digital Supply Chain and WMS, ACSEP offers to accompany your supply chain every step of the way.

The Group helps its customers (logistics service providers, distributors and e-commerce businesses, along with industrials and service companies) in their desire to improve their logistics performance through 5 activities: consulting, IT integration, editing, training, hosting and facility management (supervision, support and assistance).

Our highly service-oriented teams combine an outstanding operational experience and a whole range of sector-based strategic competencies (fashion, retail, e-commerce, high tech, etc.) to offer customers outstanding solutions and services.

Our company also reunites an ecosystem of professionals surrounding ourselves with the bests to offer solutions and services of the highest quality.

ACSEP accompanies companies like Aigle, Allopneus, Auchan, Blondel, Boulanger, Carrefour, Conforama, DHL Supply Chain, Hesnault, ID Logistics, La Brosse et Dupont, La Grande Récré, Leroy Merlin, Lustucru, 2CV Méhari Club Cassis, Santélys, Sonepar, Système U, Tikamoon, XPO Logistics

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Register online at Logistics & Automation Madrid before 22 October and we will send you your Digital Accreditation (Contacless) by post.