Banner for exhibitors

Empack and Logistics & Automation Porto 2020 offers you static and dinamic banners in diferents sizes. It will help you to promote the event. You can also customized a banner with the tool: banner generator.

Logo Logistics & Automation Madrid

Logo 970x380

Logo Logistics & Automation Madrid

Logo 700x600

Banner Logistics & Automation Madrid 300x250 px en español

Banner 300x250

Banner Logistics & Automation Madrid 728x90 px en español

Banner 728x90

Banner generator

If you need to help about how you can create a personalized banner, check the instructions more below.

How to create your banner?

1. Click on the hall and stand and choose DE English and ES Spanish.

Banner Generator, ¿cómo usarlo?

2. Fill in the Line 1 box and the Line 2 box. Being Line 1 the first line of text and Line 2 the second one. As you can see in the following example:

Banner personalizado de Logistics & Automation Madrid

3. Click on Generate Banner

4. Click on Download.

5. And now you are ready to share this banner with your clients, as signature in your emails or wherever you want.

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